Merit Badge Opportunities

Merit Badges give Scouts the opportunity to learn more about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers.

Troop 41 Scouts are given the opportunity to explore any Merit Badges that interest them and have resources available. Just ask our Scout Master if you are interested in pursuing any particular Merit Badges.

Watch our Troop Calendar for upcoming Merit Badge Workshops offered by Merit Badge Counselors in our Troop and with other providers.

Upcoming Merit Badge Workshops

Click here for a list of upcoming Merit Badge Workshops.

Merit Badge List

Here is a full list of Merit Badges. There are more than 100!

Merit Badge Pamphlet Previews

Merit Badge Pamphlets are available in print at your local Scout Shop and online as well as electronically.

Printed Pamphlets

Digital Pamphlets

Merit Badge Requirements

Merit Badge Worksheets