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July 2019 Philmont Trek

posted Aug 14, 2019, 5:24 AM by Scouts BSA Troop41sg

Troop 41 and Troop 34 ventured together to Philmont, BSA’s premier High Adventure™ base in the rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. The Troops embarked on two different Treks for the 2-week hiking, camping, and high-adventure experience.  Scouts and leaders trained for over a year beforehand, taking regular hikes with full backpack gear and backpack camping through the terrain of Isle Royale in Lake Superior last summer.  All the Scouts and leaders returned from Philmont with some great stories!


Philmont High Adventure Scout Trip Itinerary

July 12-July 26, 2019



71 Miles




7/15/19      Lovers Leap 

Ranger Training; Trail Camp

7/16/19     Shaefers Pass 

Rock Climbing & Rappelling; Water @ North Fork; Trail Camp

7/17/19      Clarks Fork 

Climb Shaefers Peak; Climb Tooth of Time; Chuck Wagon Dinner; Campfire

7/18/19      Cyphers Mine 

Hunting Lodge Tour; Gold Panning, Blacksmithing, Campfire

7/19/19     Mount Phillips 

Mine Tour @ Cyphers Mine; Climb Comanche Peak; Trail Camp

7/20/19     Crooked Creek 

Climb Mt. Phillips; Rocky Mountain Fur Co., Tomahawks @ Clear Creek; Homesteading

7/21/19     Lovato

Jicarilla Apache Life @ Apache Springs; Trail Camp

7/22/19     Lookout Meadow 

Fly Tying & Fishing @ Fish Camp, Tour Rayado Lodge; Trail Camp

7/23/29     Crater Lake 

Conservation Project; Continental Tie & Lumber Co., Spar Pole Climbing, Campfire

7/24/19     Zastrow

New Mexican Homestead, Cantina @ Abreu; Geocaching, Dutch Oven Cobbler, Campfire