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BIKE RIDE & BACKPACK LUNCH ONLY: Bliss Woods Day: Cycling & Cooking Merit Badges 7-22-17

posted Jul 15, 2017, 8:33 AM by Scouts BSA Troop41sg   [ updated Jul 22, 2017, 8:19 AM ]

Due to the stormy weather and heavy overnight rains on 7-22-16, the Conservation Project at Bliss Woods will be rescheduled to another day.

Cycling is still on; we will do a 10 mile ride beginning at Bliss Woods.   Don't worry if you can't make this one as there will be many others scheduled later.  Please also bring your Backpack Lunch. 

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From 9:00-10:45amScouts can work on their Camping Merit Badge Requirement 9(c):  Do a Conservation Project.  Scouts can help with the Bliss Woods Restoration Workday.  Only Scouts that have earned their Totin' Chip will be allowed to use loppers or bow saws.

Be sure to dress appropriately for working outdoors in the woods (long pants, work gloves, closed toed shoes, hat, sunscreen, bug spray etc...) and bring a change of clothes for the bike ride!


At 11:00 we will start our 10 mile bike ride from Bliss Woods to Waubonsee Community College, to Blackberry Farm/Splash Country, and back to Bliss Woods.

It is highly recommend that Scouts bring a small notepad with them on each ride because they will need to make a report of the ride taken, list the routes traveled, and interesting things seen to be discussed with their counselor.

We will stop for lunch on our way back from WCC at Bliss Woods where each Scout will present their lunch according to their meal plan to Mr. Hauge to complete a backpacking meal portion of their Cooking Merit Badge.  Each scout should also backpack a healthy snack for our break at Blackberry Farm/Splash Country if coordinated with Mr. Hauge.  Go for it.

After lunch we will then continue our bike ride from Bliss Woods on the Virgil Gilman Trail to the Blackberry Farm/Splash Country where we will stop for a water/snack break.  We will then ride back to Bliss Woods to complete our 10 mile ride.


Both the conservation work and the cycling are optional so if the Scout only wishes to attend one of the events they are welcome to meet just during those times.  Here are tentative times and more details on each of the events are listed below.



Saturday, July 22nd

8:45am – Meet at Bliss Woods to unload bikes and prepare for the conservation work

9:00-10:45 – Conservation Project

11:00 – Bike from Bliss Woods to Waubonsee and back to Bliss Woods

11:45 – Break for Lunch at Bliss Woods 

12:15pm – Bike to Blackberry Farm/Splash Country via Virgil Gilman Trail

12:45 – Break at Blackberry Farm/Splash Country

1:30 – Complete our 10 mile ride at Bliss Woods and write-up in our notepads