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3-7-2021 Knot Tying & Lashing Workshop

posted Feb 27, 2021, 2:01 PM by Scouts BSA Troop41sg   [ updated Feb 28, 2021, 5:03 AM ]

Sunday March 7, 2021, 

1:30 – 3:30 PM, 

Bus Barn at Sugar Grove Community Building.  

Do you know how to tie your shoes?  Easy one. 

How about a Double Fisherman’s knot?  A little harder.  

How about a Tripod Lashing?  Hmm.  


Scouts of all ranks can benefit from learning and teaching knots and lashings.

Scouts at the workshop will work on Rank Requirements listed below.


·       Register on Signup Genius by 3-5-2021. 

·       Fill out the COVID Checkup Form before you arrive.

·       Dress for the weather.  We may be inside or outside as the social distancing requirements will allow.

·       Bring your Knot Tying Kit from your Scout Bag.


4a.       Show how to tie a square knot, two half-hitches, and a taut-line hitch. Explain how each knot is used.

4b.       Show the proper care of a rope by learning how to whip and fuse the ends of different kinds of rope.




3a.       Demonstrate a practical use of the square knot.

3b.       Demonstrate a practical use of two half-hitches.

3c.       Demonstrate a practical use of the taut-line hitch.




2f.        Demonstrate tying the sheet bend knot. Describe a situation in which you would use this knot.

2g.       Demonstrate tying the bowline knot. Describe a situation in which you would use this knot.




3a.       Discuss when you should and should not use lashings.

3b.       Demonstrate tying the timber hitch and clove hitch.

3c.       Demonstrate tying the square, shear, and diagonal lashings by joining two or more poles or staves together.

3d.       Use lashings to make a useful camp gadget or structure.




6.         While a Star Scout, use the Teaching EDGE method to teach another Scout (preferably younger than you) the skills from ONE of the following choices, so that the Scout is prepared to pass those requirements to their Scoutmaster’s satisfaction.

d.         First Class 3a, 3b, 3c, and 3d (tools)